This is me.

A jack of all trades is how I’d like to describe myself. You're probably now thinking ahh he's forgetting 'the master of none' part, but I'm familiar with the negative connotation of the phrase. I just dont see it that way. In my eyes it is an asset which complements my preferred way of working. I am a real team player with an innovative mindset who likes to be involved in a lot different types of projects and take on different roles. 

I strive for diversity in my workspace, but it is also something I hold valuable in my personal life. Meeting different kinds of people, discovering new food, music and going to very diverging cultural events. The fun lies in throwing yourself in the unknown. 

I have a strong passion for human rights, identity and cultural diversity, and am committed to integrate my passion in my professional career. Next to this I have a strong affinity with visual aesthetics which is enshrined in my love for photography, fashion and interior design.

The overarching factor in all this? The people. I believe you can’t produce anything truthful to the needs of people without talking to them and involving them in the creative process. I see the diversity of people’s voices as a gift instead of something that has to be challenged. 

I am currently an Experience Design trainee at Hyper Island. If you want to get in touch with me to talk about human rights or grab a coffee sometime and discuss why cats will rule the world one day feel free to send me an email.